Apple to start make in India

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Apple to start make in India

Apple to start make in India by the end of April . Its factory starts in Bangalore, Karnataka will be run by Wistron .

Karnataka’s IT minister said Apple had agreed to assemble its hugely popular phones in the southern State, Bangalore is India’s technology hub.

Apple, which has not commented on the minister’s statement, remains a relatively small player in India, where sales of its smartphones lag those of rival Samsung.

Apple’s iPhones will be made in Bangalore and all devices will be targeted at the domestic market, said Kharge. He added the state will help Apple if the company later decides to use other manufacturers in the region.

By manufacturing the iPhone in India, Apple can cut costs and reduce its price tag locally.             By pricing itself exclusively at the luxury end, Apple has distinguished its brand from Samsung which has both low-cost and high-end phones.

Apple to start make in India – Iphone

Apple to start make in India

[image source : Macworld UK ]

In 2016, Apple shipped 2.5 million iPhones into India. That was its best ever year there, but it only ranked 10th on the list of top smartphone vendors in the December quarter after grabbing just 2 percent of the market share .

He said the new operation would likely assemble iPhones for the domestic market . Apple has only a 2% share of the Indian market, well behind rival Samsung on 23%, according to research.

Apple currently sells through third-party retailers in India, which accounts for only around 1% of global iPhone sales Apple to start make in India.

Analysts said that if confirmed the move would be a coup for India’s government, which has been trying to persuade foreign companies to manufacture in the country.

At last we can only hope for the cheaper Iphones in future  after the manufacturing start in india .


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